Dear Google

Sorry for my mistakes, I don’t know English well

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kristian (Christian), I am 37 years old and I am from Slovakia. I have been suffering from a rare skin disease that affects only a few percent of humanity. The disease is called Epidermolysis Bullosa (butterfly wings), and it has several forms, I have the most severe – dystrophic form.
My disease is physical and very painful and manifests itself in the way that I have open wounds all over my body, even several centimeters large and deep, blisters, scabs and my fingers and toes are shrivelled and deformed, I have to eat only minced or mixed food and my throat is also damaged, I have a narrowing in my esophagus and I also have problems with digestion.

Since I have this disease, I created my own website on which I write about my life and about my disease much more, so that people learn that such a disease exists.

My disability pension is very low and I have a lot of expenses for medicine, vitamins and medical supplies.
I usually approach different companies and manufacturers, for example Omron, Canon, Mentos, to see if they would give me a discount on their goods or if they would donate as a sponsor.

I contact these companies through my email
only recently, for some reason, my emails have stopped being delivered to recipients or have been moved straight to SPAM.
I admit that I started using two weeks ago, but I had a problem with mail delivery even before that.

Since emails from my gmail account are not being delivered, I started using my second email address, which I received from web hosting, via
there were also minor problems with the webhosting, but when I wrote to them about it, they added an MX record to the DNS and emails through their server are now working

Hereby I want to ask you and at the same time ask if you could look into and correct this error with the delivery of my emails?

Thank you in advance for the equipment and your answer