Schoolboy life with EB

I did not attend kindergarten but started school as any other children when I was seven. I went to school with my mother for the first year, she would sit next to me at the desk, treating my wounds several times during the day, taking care of me not to fall. It was a difficult time. Every night I woke up vomiting my own saliva, because I have problems with my throat and swallowing. I couldn’t eat or drink in the morning because school made me nervous. We managed to arrange for me an individual study plan, so from the second grade I was homeschooled. The teacher came to us twice a week. The lady was very strict, so you can image homeschooling was not easy for me. In the third grade I got another teacher. That was a huge relief for me as she took into account my health problem. I graduated from the elementary school like any other child.

When I was not being homeschooled, I spend my time at various doctors’ who were trying hard to treat me with different treatments, drops, etc., which, I must say, hurt me more than they helped. After trying some herbal medicines, I always ended up in a hospital for a week or two. My mom, of course, was in the hospital with me.

 When I turned 18, I was granted a full disability pension as with my hands I am unable to do any work.