About me

My illness attacks body and is very painful – large open wounds, blisters, rattles, I do not have nails and my toes and fingers are conjoined and deformed.

I was born as an ordinary healthy child. The doctors took me right after I was born and didn’t even show me to my mother. As my father came to visit me, he saw a tiny red spot on my face. Only then did doctors tell my parents that I was born sick. After 3-4 days I was taken from the hospital in Nové Zámky to Bratislava. My mom could only spend little time with me as I was still in the incubator. My parents went to see me every day. In the beginning, my fingers were not yet conjoined or deformed, and I still had my nails. I stayed at the Bratislava hospital from January to March.

I often fell, my parents had to be very careful with me, as I was too young to comprehend that I have to be careful and not to run. When I fall, my skin is likely to peel off, making even more wounds. As I mentioned earlier, after birth I only had one red spot on my cheek, after 1-2 days after I was born there came wounds.

We went to see doctors from all over Slovakia as well as from abroad – Komárom, Gersekarát, Győr, etc. 2-3 time a week. We went to Gersekarát and stayed there for weeks at one older grandmother’s, and I mind you, it was not for free.