My electric wheelchair – Airwheel H3s

I present to you my AirWheel H3s electric wheelchair which I am very excited about and very grateful that I was able to buy it thanks to you!

The trolley goes very fast and it has a top speed of only 6km/h, it can also be controlled via mobile phone, I press the button and it folds down and so it can be easily put in the trunk of the car, so I can go with my parents to the city to go shopping or for walks with my parents.

I made some improvements to the wheelchair, I did some tuning, and I’ve installed RGB LED strips (I can change the color via mobile), and I’ve also made a horn which is better than the original one, I can change the melody of the horn and also add other melodies

Load capacity 130kg
Pitch 12°
Max. Speed 6km/h
Battery 524Wh
Temperature range -15°C~50°C
Recharging 3-5h
Motor 200Wx2=400W
Weight 29,5 kg
Front wheels 8 inch = 20,3 cm
Rear wheels 12,5 inch = 31,8 cm
Range 15-25 km