Techage camera system

The company Techage gifted me a camera system, which brought me great joy. It was a beautiful gesture from them. I’m very excited about the camera system and sincerely thank them.

Before mounting the cameras, I connected them and adjusted a few settings. However, the detailed configuration of the camera system occurred after the cameras were installed.

The cameras are DOME 8Mpx 4K, supporting vehicle, human, and facial detection. They have both a microphone and a speaker, allowing two-way communication through the camera.
For mobile phones, there’s the Xmeye Pro app, which works seamlessly. On Windows computers, you can download the VMS program, although I don’t use it because you can also log in to the NVR recorder via the internal IP address. Simply download and install the VideoPlayToolSetup add-on, and it will guide you to the recorder.
The cameras are equipped with LED lights, including red and blue LEDs, as well as IR LEDs for night vision. You can zoom in on live video, and the image remains good even when zoomed. The LED lights for nighttime illumination are very bright. The red and blue LED serves as an alarm when someone enters a designated area, although this function can be turned off. The IR LEDs are powerful, providing excellent visibility at night.
Both daytime and nighttime images are of high quality. During the day, the image is sharp with vibrant and saturated colors. The cameras also support two-way voice communication, which is very useful. For instance, when you’re not at home, you can instruct the mail carrier or courier where to leave your package.
In addition to two-way voice communication, you can enable sound-only mode from the camera. Others won’t hear you; you’ll only hear what’s happening outside. You can also name the cameras based on what they capture, such as “garage” or “garden.” These names appear in the lower corner of the live video.
Furthermore, you can set up an alarm to detect people, faces, or vehicles.

In NVR recorders, you can configure many settings. You can set up DDNS, for example, using, to have access from the internet, not just within your local network. You can also add an email address, and notifications will be sent to your email.
For individual cameras, you can adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, and more. If something isn’t working correctly, you can restart each camera individually. The NVR itself can also be restarted.
Once you have everything set up, you can back up your settings to your computer. Additionally, you can update the NVR through your computer.
On the back of the NVR, there’s a 3.5mm connector for connecting speakers. When speakers are connected, the alarm will notify you if someone enters an area you’ve designated. You can even record your own alarm sound via your computer.
I have my speakers set to maximum volume, and I often adjust the alarm volume through the browser. For example, when my father is talking to the neighbor at the gate, I lower the alarm volume to avoid constant beeping. Similarly, if doors are closed in the room where the NVR is located, I can adjust the volume.
The Xmeye Pro application can also be configured to sound an alarm. If you disable sound notifications for the app, you’ll receive silent alerts.
Through the app, you can manage various settings, including alarms, NVR restarts, clock synchronization, video playback, and two-way communication.
Once again, heartfelt thanks to Techage for bringing me great joy with this camera system.

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